Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Day

Today was Mother's Day (I assume you already knew that, and if you didn't you're probably in trouble!). I was pretty worried about what this would be like for me, since I live in the very strange world of being a mother without a child. But it turned out to be a very lovely day (though not weather-wise). I was given flowers and a home-cooked salmon dinner by my husband and lots of well-wishes from family, friends, and our church family. While I can't call my day a "Happy" Mother's Day, I can call it a "Special" Mother's Day. I feel very proud to be Evie's mom, and it was great to have that recognized. Thanks to everyone who cared for me today. :)

And Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Matt's Mom, and all the other mothers in our lives!


Sarah H. said...

Happy Mother's Day Friend,
I wish Evie were here to spend the day with you. Even writing that tears come to my eyes. I know this isn't how you thought your first mother's day would be. But you should be honored on this day because of the commitment, strength, care, and love you have for your daughter. She is lucky to have a mom like you!

Matt said...

It was very touching when Jasmine brought you that flower at church, Nicole.

I was glad that Anchor Covenant made the effort to recognize all the women in the congregation. For someone like you who's lost a child, Mother's day can be hard... but I also imagine its hard for a couple who can't have children, or single women who wish for their own child but aren't there yet. It was admirable.

Becky said...

I was thinking of you all day yesterday, and I'm glad to hear you had a special day. Sarah is right - Evie is lucky to have a mom like you!

Anonymous said...

My heart was so heavy for you on Mother's Day, Nicole.....I cried through part of the church service. They did say a special prayer for you and Matt.

Thank you, Matt, for making Mother's Day special for Nicole. I am so thankful that she has you.

It is wonderful that they honored all women at Anchor Covenant Church. As Matt said, many couples are unable to have children, or some single women long to be a mother, but have not found their soulmate yet.

I am sure Evie felt how much she was loved by her parents. She touched so many people's hearts. Who knows how many lives were affected by her.

That poem was very touching.

Love, Mom G.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt & Nicole for your card and call. You both were on my mind and heart so much on Sunday, because of Mother's Day and how you both would be feeling and because of your last Sunday at Anchor...all very bittersweet.

I love the poem.

Love, Mom "K"