Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Week Birthday

Dear Lucie,

You're 1 week old today! We've learned so much about you this week. You've given us a hard time with sleep, until last night when you slept like a champ! We all felt so well rested that we took you to church this morning.

Other adventures have included your first pediatrician visit, a stroll around the neighborhood, a couple of baths, and a trip to a store. You've been a busy girl!

We love you!


Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to see you all this weekend. I hope our trunk will be able to hold all the stuff. I want to bring that Gymini Musical Kick and Discover toy. And I have a bag of stuff. Faith stopped in the office today with two large bags of things for Lucie. (She got carried away again.) Lucinda is going to be one well dressed little girl.

The picture is adorable. She looks like she is having a good dream.

Love, Grandma G

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying the pictures. Thanks for sending them.


Anonymous said...

I can't express how happy I am for your family. I love looking at the pictures and hope to have some new ones soon after your Kennedy grandparents visit.

Blessings... n coyle