Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 months

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but we had technical difficulties. Happy Belated Birthday, Lu!

The second half of the slideshow has cute pictures taken by her Auntie Adrienne this past weekend. We had fun dressing Lucie up and doing a photo shoot, and Lucie had fun too (for about the first 5 minutes)! Thanks for your patience, Adrienne. :)

Lucinda is 3 Months old from Matt Kennedy on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe you are already 3 months old, Lucie. I am sure it is very fun for your mom and dad to see the changes in you every day and how strong you are. It is also fun for the grandpas and grandmas to see the pictures and videos of you.

Thank you, Adrienne, for your pics. They are really cute.

Grandma G