Thursday, August 28, 2008

Linky Linky

I haven't had much to write about this week, so I thought I'd share a few things I read that caught my eye in the last few days.

  1. Its hard to stop speculating about a cross-town series this October. Chi-Town would go nuts. It would be awesome.
  2. Fleming Rutledge on "Blind Boys of Alabama and the Living Jesus"
  3. Greg Boyd does a Philosophical review of The Dark Knight.
  4. Baby ducks + Danger + Happy ending = "Awwwwwww..."
  5. I suddenly don't feel so bad about my Bacon-Brat a few weeks ago.
Tonight is the Chicago Covenant Softball League Championship. Tuesday night was the divisional championship and the Seminary team beat Ravenswood Covenant in a dramatic contest that ended in a walk-off seventh inning win. Tonight we take on the surging Sojourner Covenant Church who are this year's Cinderella team. Go Sem Scholars!


Josh said...

Thats nice that there can be a whole leauge of just Chicago Covenant Churches... a leauge here might consist of multiple bars, a dairy farm team or two, and maybe represenitives from AutoZone.

Also, does the leauge comissioner know that you don't go to seminary anymore? Seems like there could be some illegal recruiting going on.

Matt said...

Actually, its basically just northside Covenant churches and not all of them represent. In fact, this year we've had so many teams we split it up into two divisions.

Technically, I still work at the admissions desk a few hours a week so I'm a seminary employee. Although having a few ringers on church softball teams is a long and proud tradition.