Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things I Notice When Grocery Shopping

  • Yesterday at Trader Joe's the woman in front of me in the check out line had a cart that had 5 jars of organic peanut butter, one jar of almond butter, three bags of slivered almonds, one bag of mixed nuts, and a couple of nut granola bars--and that's it. What she was planning to do with those was the question that bugged me all day long.
  • Ever since I could first eat solid foods, Ramen has been a staple in my life. The problem is that it is packed full of nutrionless calories and ungodly amounts of sodium. Behold a new healthy version of Ramen. My arteries are grateful.
  • I love hot dogs. Classic, all beef hotdogs done Chicago style. I also do my best to eat and shop ethically (we white people love this stuff.) Its surprisingly difficult to find socially responsible hot dogs to eat. Hebrew National are made by ConAgra foods (an irresponsible corporate monster), Best Kosher are made by Sara Lee (a slightly less evil but still not entirely ethical corporation), and God knows where Ballpark franks come from. Vienna Beef seems to be a quality local independent operation-- but I'm not sure they taste better than the others. What to do?!? Good thing I don't have real problems like other people.


A said...

Last week I stood behind a guy that had two large containers of oatmeal and at least 30 cans of sardines. I should have just asked him what he was planning because I still haven't come up with a reason to buy that many sardines.

Lefdawg said...

I have never seen anybody buy such strange stuff in the grocery store as Matt and A just wrote. My only conclusion would be...maybe they have an obsessive/compulsive disorder? B/c I don't know what one would do with 5 jars of peanut butter or 30 cans of sardines!

Also, my hubby and I love Ramen too(especially when we are low on money)! I'm so glad you posted something about a healthy version, because I need to watch my sodium intake! Thanks!

Lefdawg said...

Oh, and I had one more comment/question. What do you mean by you try to shop ethically? I've never heard of this before. Please enlighten me.

Also, my hubby and I LOVE Chicago style hot dogs as well! In fact, we just really love Chicago style food in general(there are some really great Chicago style restaurants in AZ which we love to order from), even though neither of us has been in Chicago to have the true Chicago style food! Ha! Anyway, getting back to the hot dog thing, have you tried Nathan's brand of hot dogs? That's the one my hubby loves to eat when making the Chicago style dog. I'm not sure about the company being ethical since I do not understand what you mean by it.

Patty said...

We were at a WalMart today and saw a guy check out with 5 carts of groceries. My father-in-law went up to him and asked... apparently they own a store way out in the country somewhere. (I don't know the legalities of reselling the stuff....) But it was a way weird sight.

Anonymous said...

Today I was at the USave store and I was in one check out line and Wayne Grafstrom was in the other line. He had 150 packages of Ramen noodles and 4 gallon jugs of water. He said, "well, this will get me through". You have to know him to appreciate this....lol

Mom "G"