Thursday, October 23, 2008

Linky Stinky

Some more things that caught my eye this week...

  1. The story of a really great dog.
  2. A fascinating photography exhibit of some of Chicago's tucked away churches.
  3. Rod Dreher on artistry, honesty, and "Christian movies".
  4. Michael Bird chimes in on Trinitarian debates.
  5. Our friend Becky Eklund recently preached at the executive board meeting of the Covenant church on what it means to be "In it Together".

1 comment:

happychipmunk said...

I LOVE your posts!!! Super funny video... and the churches in Chicago - the one in the beginning of the slide show with purple walls and blue chairs looks a TON like the church near North Park... if you go south and one block west of Kedzie, there's a little church there... hope you're both doing well!! keep the good posts coming!