Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our vacation

Wow, this blog got kind of pathetic over the last few weeks. I guess I've either been too busy or too lazy to write! The most exciting thing of note to happen in the month of September was our vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a couple of good friends. It was very refreshing to get away after a really hectic few weeks at work. We were really worried about the weather with it being storm season and all, but it would seem that Chicago ended up getting the storms we were expecting in Cabo. While we were nursing sunburns from all our time enjoying the outdoors, the North Park campus was being flooded! Luckily we came home to a dry basement.


Sarah H. said...

I'm pretty jealous that you got to vacation while I started school again. *sigh* I'm ready to be done and go on vacation too.

Patty said...

You guys look great! And yes, still jealous. ;)