Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"DAMMIT CHLOE! I haven't peed or eaten in 24 hours!"(Ahem, don't we mean darn it?)

It took a lot of time and hard work, but I finally finished. Over the past year and a half I've been making my way through all 6 seasons of 24 (the show I love to hate and hate to love). It was grueling! Think what that means. Each season has 24 episodes--24 x 6= 144. Each episode is an hour long with commercials, but I watch them on DVD so they're about 43 minutes long. That's 103 hours and 20 minutes that I spent with my old pal Jack and the crew at CTU. Holy cow. I'm done. Until Season 7 starts in '09 (according to the preview Tony is alive and he's evil. ARGH.).

I love to learn things, so for me it's nice when my entertainment is also educational. I've learned some important life lessons and rules of thumb from my time with 24...

1. You can get anywhere in LA within 10 minutes.

2. If you work for CTU or the president and you get arrested, don't fret because you'll be working again within the hour.

3. On any given work day, you may be required to torture your co-workers and/or kill your boss for some reason (seriously, Season 3, Ryan Chappelle? Worst. Episode. Ever.)

4. It's easy to fall in love during a terrorist threat!

5. Violence is always the answer.

Seriously, as much as I mock it and am generally morally opposed to it, I am a big 24 fan. My dream is to have the CTU ringtone on my phone at work because it's also a Cisco (just like they use on the show!) but alas, it is not one of my choices. I could find it for my cell phone but that just wouldn't be the same.

Anyone else out there? Who are your favorite/least favorite characters? Who are you sad/glad that they killed off?


Anonymous said...

I was filling out some sweepstakes forms last night for DVD's, and there was one for a season of the show "24". So if by chance, I do win it, Nicole....will give it to you.

Is that the show with Keifer Sutherland in it?


Nicole said...


Yes it is. Yep, send the DVDs my way if you win 'em! Or, you can get addicted yourself. Though I wouldn't recommend it. :)

Quebecca said...

I wish Chloe would die


Nicole said...

Rebecca, no! Chloe is awesome! She's like Jack's only friend--and she's going to be a mom! :)