Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hey, wanna see some pictures?

I've been looking at random pictures I have saved and I found some that I think are "blog-worthy." There's no theme here--I just wanted to share some that I hadn't before.

Argh, and dang it, if anyone is smarter than me about Blogger, could you help me out on how to post pictures and type around them? Argh!

All of the ones of the flowers and altar are from Evie's memorial. The church looked beautiful that day (during the service the white lights on the garland and Christmas trees were on).

Matt was really sick for a while a couple months ago, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of him wrapped in a shawl with a breath-right strip on his nose. Aw, poor Matt.

The nature pictures are from our trip to WA in December.

And the one of me was before a game of Trivial Pursuit. Don't worry, I filled up that pie! :P


david santos said...

Hello, Nikole!
Really beautiful post.
Thank you.

Becky said...

What beautiful pictures. Especially the one of your eye patch. ;-) LOL.

Seriously, though - Evie's flowers were gorgeous, and the landscape photos were awesome!

Adrienne said...

member that time you beat us at trivial pursuit? me either. taahaa.....just kidding*****

Patty said...

Blogger is dumb. Don't even think about trying to get creative with how you post lots of photos. :P

Enjoyed your photos, though!