Friday, February 15, 2008


Yesterday when I got home from work at 4:30 I turned on my TV to catch some King of the Hill, but instead every channel was showing an overhead shot of the Northern Illinios University campus in Dekalb, IL. At that time they knew that, about an hour prior, a gunman had opened fire on a classroom of students, wounding 15 and killing himself. This morning 7 are dead including the shooter.

We hear tragic stories of lives lost each day, and my reaction is usually "how awful," but then I get to move on. But when our daughter died, death touched my life for the first time in an espescially devastating way. And I started to comprehend just how many people die all the time from unpreventable circumstances, like dieases, birth defects, and random accidents. So then, with all the unpreventable tragedies that are bound to occur, how dare anyone take someone elses precious life through carelessness or violence? When I think of how hard we fought and how others fight every day to try to ensure that their loved ones might live, how can someone just randomly take it all away with a gun?

4 of the students killed have been identified as Catalina Garcia, 20; Julianna Gehant, 32; Ryanne Mace, 19; and Daniel Parmenter, 20. The 2 other victims were taken to out-of-state hospitals and haven't been identified. The gunman has also not been identified as of yet, but apparently they know he was a former grad student. Let's keep the families of these students in prayer, and pray for the safety of all school campuses.

UPDATE: Correction, 6 are dead including the shooter.


Marta K said...

Nicole, I understand your feelings about the senseless violence. I feel the same way. Especially when I see postings about violence in Kenya or in other countries I've been to.
I was on my Facebook account today and remembered that Angie Wysocki sent me a message a few months ago about your little girl. I was curious as to what had happened so I went to the blog. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with the blog at the time, so I just found out. I will continue to pray for you during this time.
I understand your heightened sense of grief and empathy for people going through similar situations. I also have had that experience since my Mom passed away almost 8 years ago. I use that experience to help people in my profession. However I also get to a point when I just want to hide in my own grief and pain. I will pray for both you and Matt to hold onto each other in those times.
It was good to get caught up with you. Let me know if you need anything.

Kati said...

I can relate to that last statement all too well. I find myself yelling at the TV when I hear about child abuse or neglect or a senseless act of violence, especially by a parent. I find it so difficult to understand how, after fighting so hard for every moment we had with our son, that someone could be so cavalier with a gift like that. It breaks my heart.