Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now, Anxious Heart...

This semester I have the privilege of being classmates with Matt again. I decided to audit a class he's taking called "History and Theology of the Covenant Church." Since I'm auditing, I get the benefit of sitting in on lectures without the accompanying homework! One cool thing about the class is that we begin each lecture by singing a hymn and learning some history behind it. I love hymns, and many of these are ones I haven't heard before. I learned a great one that really comforted me today called, "Now, Anxious Heart, Awake from Your Sadness" written by Carl Olof Rosenius and most recently arranged by A. Royce Eckhardt (who incidentally played the organ so beautifully at Evie's memorial service). For those of you who may own the blue Covenant hymnal (It's probably also in previous editions, but I don't know the page number) it's hymn #472.

Now, Anxious Heart, Awake from Your Sadness

Now, anxious heart, awake from your sadness,
have you forgotten the things that remain:
grace and communion, unbroken union
with Christ arisen and ever the same?

Is God not still your heavenly Father,
has Jesus changed since he suffered and died?
Is not the Spirit, pleading and leading,
ever the counselor, helper, and guide?

Are not the saints a trifle confusing,
they speak of joy but great trials endure,
kingdoms possessing, pleading a blessing,
safe in God's keeping but never secure?

So, anxious heart, awake from your sadness,
rise to remember your blessings to claim.
Though skies be clouded and the sun shrouded,
never forget it is there just the same.