Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lake Michigan and my guy

For some reason I really struggled today with a lot of grief and stress. Getting through work was tough enough, and when I came home I was tempted to just feel sorry for myself--but Matt was smart enough to drag me out into the world. A drive around town and a walk at Lake Michigan did me some good.

When I was doing my "Prepared Childbirth" class in October, Matt would of course join me in learning about the process of labor and delivery. The people who accompanied the pregnant women were called their "support person," so I came to use that term for Matt both jokingly and endearingly while I was pregnant. If he would help me with something I'd say, "you're the best support person!" or if I was trying to convince him to do something for me I'd say,"Aw c'mon, you're my support person!" On nights like tonight it's clear that he is still my support person.

EDIT: Oh, one more thing I forgot. This is my favorite exchange from tonight as Matt and I drove and talked (the context is that I realized we were in a familiar neighborhood and I hadn't paid attention to how we got there)
Me: "The nice thing about never knowing what's going on around me is that I get surprised a lot."
Matt: "It must be very exciting being you."


Adrienne said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE IT!!! Matt is SO right - It MUST be exciting being you! haha!!! I love you guys!

Patty said...

Which beach is that pier on? These are great pictures. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks! It's on Montrose Beach.

Becky said...

LOL. I love your conversation snippet. Hehehehehe. And I'm glad Matt helped you feel better.

Patty said...

I thought so. I think I walked that pier long ago with my guy. :)