Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in MN

We had a lot of fun in Minnesota on the weekend with hockey, family, and friends! We got to see Roseau win at the game we attended on Thursday night, but then they lost in their second game.
Here's some pictures from our trip...

Does anyone know how to make captions for photos?

As you can see in the first photo, Brett was super excited to pose for a group picture with the Gustafson/Kennedy family. The second is of me, Mom, and my aunt Iris who was our fabulous host. The last 2 are part of an extensive photoshoot involving Adrienne and I in our unplanned matching outfits. In one I'm trying not to pee my pants and in the other she's throwing her back out.


Adrienne said...

it's impossible for me to look at those photos of us and not laugh out loud. we are sooo funny, eh!?

let's start planning out outfits so that doesn't happen again :) love you guys!

Nicole said...

Yes, let's. It would have been awfully embarassing if we had actually been out in public in those outfits!