Friday, March 14, 2008

"There's Something in the Spring Air," or, "These are My Neighbors?"

It's the first warm weekend of the year! Let's venture out on a nice long walk for a falafel sandwich and see who we meet along the way. First we have Junior High Girl and Junior High Boy making out on a park bench. No doubt they've been cooped up all winter playing video games in their parents' basements, and now that they're finally out in nature they hardly know what to do with themselves. Next there's Skateboarder--I think he's a little rusty because he just tripped and ate cement (but his friends are laughing so he must be OK, right?). Last but not least there is Soaking Wet College Student in His Underwear. I am tempted to ask how whatever happened to him happened, but you know, I don't want to be seen talking to a soaking wet college student in his underwear.

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

that was pretty amusing, Nicole. You can always make mom laugh.

Nicole said...

I'm glad i made you laugh, but I hope it didn't make you start coughing again! :)